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Il Risveglio is a photographic project documenting all the rallies and events carried out by the Italian LGBT movement in 2016, during the proceedings of Cirinnà’s bill: from the event Wake Up Italia of 23rd January to that of March 5th at Piazza del Popolo, and including all the sit-ins at the Senate and Montecitorio. It ends with a few shots of Rome’s Pride Parade. For the record, this reportage also documents the counter event Family Day. The idea for the project stems out of the emotion I felt on January 23, 2016, when several hundred thousand people of all ages and sexual orientation gathered in Piazza del Pantheon to call for equal rights. In addition to documenting these months of struggles, the shots also want to confer an identity image of the LGBT community, less stereotypical than the one normally portrayed by the media. At the same time, this project is a memento and an encouragement for the struggles to come, keeping the civil rights issue alive for the future as well.
The main image of Il Risveglio was exhibited in Arles International Photo Festival in 2017.
The buddhist principle, that life and its environment are essentially non-dual (in Japanese esho-funi), affirms that they are two fondamental aspects of a single reality, they are inseparable.
That is the idea that moves and connects the images of this exhibition: starting from a small village of Calabria to Paris, London, Kusadasi, Madrid, Dahab, Boston, Hiroshima, Milan and Rome.
Different realities reported through a visual symbiosis between human being and the surrounding environment

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